• Nomi Bachar

Rosh Hashanah & Renewing Your Energy

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Today is Rosh Hashanah, a day that marks the Jewish New Year and a new cycle for your soul. This is your opportunity to stop and take stalk of your life and how you are living it. It’s different from the start of the calendar year. This relays to spiritual and emotional renewal. It’s a moment to make profound decisions about what really matters to you; how do you want to shape your life accordingly? You’re invited to a ten-day process, whether you are Jewish, or not, of facing what you need to let go of that is no longer working for you in terms of accomplishing the creation of the life that you envision.

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Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of a ten-day purification and realignment process.

Just like nature is getting ready to shed and move into a renewal pattern, the human soul is getting ready for another cycle of spiritual growth. The soul is yearning to shed old or negative constricting patterns and usher in life affirming insights, positive commitments and new possibilities. Rosh Hashanah honors this natural cycle of the soul. We are given 10 days between the start of the cycle, which is, the Jewish New Year to Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, which is really a day of attunement.

In these 10 days, we have the opportunity to engage in an introspective soul searching, a time to forgive and be forgiven, a time to receive and release. These ten days are said to be the most auspicious days to draw closer to the Creator as well as to reconcile our relationships with ourselves and each other. In the course of the year we may have hurt others and we may have been hurt by them. We draw closer to our nature when we open our hearts and our minds to forgiveness. We get ready to renew our commitments to ourselves and our community.

Opening ourselves to this process enables us to receive a higher vibration of the life force energy and blessing.

It is said that on Rosh Hashanah we open to who we really are and Yom Kippur, we let go of who we are not. Rosh Hashanah might be linked to the inhalation of the breath bringing in new vitality and Yom Kipper may be linked to the exhalation, releasing what is no longer needed and what does not serve us. Both processes are related and intimately connected.

Other traditions honor a similar process. For example, the celebration of Maha Navarati, which is also a 10-day process of letting go of earthly bondage and connecting with the power of Shakti. Whether the cycle of nature calls to your soul or to your cultural tradition, I hope you take this time and make it your own personal period of inner cleansing and strengthening.

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