• Nomi Bachar


Updated: Sep 22, 2021

One of the most important abilities that one can have, is the ability to be receptive. What does it mean, being receptive? It means being free enough within yourself, secure enough, and trusting, so that you become open to life in all its facets and experiences.

This state of being receptive is a very tall order. One needs to clear their inner self from insecurity, fear, anger, and other negative limiting feelings and beliefs, to be able to truly be receptive. Being receptive, means open to yourself, with everything that happens within you, open to others, even though they might be very different from you, and open to flow with the experiences of life, even though some of them can be very challenging.

Working to create a state of receptivity is a constant process that is very well deserving of our attention.

Meditate with Nomi

Twice a month on Monday evenings from 8:15-9:30 pm EST Nomi facilitates a guided meditation. These meditations are different from any other guided meditation - they are geared towards active self-healing and self-discovery. The meditation can be done anywhere as they take place in a group setting on Zoom. You will receive a special teaching before and after the meditation. You leave with new insights about yourself, having gone through a transformative experience.

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