• Nomi Bachar

Put Yourself On Your True Life Path

We are on the threshold of the new year. In the year that is coming, each one of us, I'm sure, is asking ourselves, what are the most important elements we are planning to create. Our life path is the direction that we are taking our life in. This includes our most important choices, commitments and actions that take our spiritual, emotional and actual journey in the right direction.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you in making the right choices, which will keep you moving towards your true purpose:

1) Your true life path incorporates your gifts, talents, and abilities.

2) Your life path feels natural, and you have a feeling that you belong there, even despite difficulties or challenges. The level of comfort may vary from person to person; some people may feel fully comfortable, while others may feel awkward and nervous, but still know that it’s the right place for them. You may find yourself thinking or saying, “Yes, this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

3) Your life path brings you deep satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment, even when you are struggling with obstacles and setbacks.

4) Your life path is not something that you do to impress, look good, please your parents, achieve status or money, prove your worth, or get acknowledged. These traits of our defensive self might be mixed in since we are human, but they are not the propelling force behind choosing a true life path.

5) Your life path gives you the opportunity to share your talents and abilities with others, and it feels good to do so.

6) Your life path is aligned with your spiritual and emotional evolution, as well as with your spiritual path.

Thinking about these indicators and reflecting on how you’re spending your days can give you valuable insight as to whether you are aligned with your life path or not.


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