• Nomi Bachar

Naked Trees, Unity, and Hope

painting of tall skinny trees with blue, cloudy background

I live by the park in New York City, and one of my small pleasures is taking a walking meditation in the park. Many insights, emotions and magic moments unravel themselves to me while walking in this urban sanctuary of nature. The other day, I was admiring the shapes of the naked trees, how vulnerable they looked and so expressive in their nakedness. They were bare, and at the same time, they looked strong in spite of their fragility. I thought about my journey to becoming stronger as I allowed myself to be more vulnerable, emotional, and authentic.

Real strength comes from our ability to reveal our inner truth, and that means vulnerability as much as conviction, passion, or assertion. So why are so many of us hiding behind a mask repressing feelings and covering our truth? Masks are divisive. When people hide from themselves, they hide from each other. As a result, they judge and distrust each other, and many times end up fighting each other. There is no unity when we pretend to be what we are not. We are always on guard, defensive, afraid to lose face, power or control. Without unity, there is no strength within or without. Families, cultures, and communities that can unite, survive crises much better than ones that are divided.

It is disturbing to observe our government unable to unite on crucial issues. People are internally divided, turning against each other, nations and religions unable to accept and embrace diversity. The President-Elect spoke in his speech about hope. Hope is an empty word without the sense of unity. We all share ONE ENERGY, literally and scientifically. We are all connected by similar basic human needs and desires. We are interrelated and interdependent, branches of the same tree. What would it take for us to realize this basic truth?

You can create a sense of unity and hope with yourself. It takes effort and good guidance - it doesn't just fall from the trees. If you’re ready to create that for yourself, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me today by clicking HERE.

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