• Nomi Bachar

Moving From Limitations to Expansion

For us to materialize our desires, it is not enough to say we want something. What’s even more striking is that it is not enough to feel the want. Achieving what we desire depends on our emotional availability to receive it. If you have negative beliefs about your self-worth, you will question whether you deserve to receive; you will have doubts about your right or your ability to achieve. You might have a fear of failure or a fear of success. You might distrust yourself or others. All of these beliefs will end up sabotaging your process of achieving and receiving. Many of us end up in a state of despair and frustration when we don’t seem to achieve what we want over and over again. We must become aware of the negative emotional beliefs operating within our consciousness and as a result, our subconscious mind. We need to take time to examine and eventually release these beliefs. At the same time, we need to plant the seeds of life-affirming perspectives and keep reinforcing them. This process of realigning is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. Take a minute to examine the area of your life that you choose to bring to the next level. Ask yourself: How am I preventing myself from manifesting what I want here? What are the patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing that are not working for me? Why am I holding on to these patterns? What is the payoff (the seeming advantage) I receive by staying attached to my limiting beliefs, and what has it cost? What will I need to let go of and give up to free myself? What new ways of thinking, feeling, and doing can I envision for this area of my life? What am I willing to commit to and act upon to manifest what I want? We have old defensive ways of being that worked for us in the past because they helped us survive, but they are confining us now. Gently, without self-judgment or blame, take a good look at yourself. Every day is a good day to face up to our self-imposed limitations and make a shift. You deserve to be happy, healthy and accomplished. You were designed by cosmic intelligence to be healthy, joyous, creative and loving. Your original blueprint is wholeness, by releasing self-imposed limitation and negative beliefs, you naturally return to your original spiritual state of wholeness.

I hope you will take yourself on this journey. Discovering and allowing your emotions to flow heals and strengthens you.

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