• Nomi Bachar

Living in the Tent

Yesterday, I listened to the news describing forty-seven million people in the world who are displaced from their homes. Political, social, and economical hardships have randed these people to have no secure home to live in. They live in camps, in temporary tents, and at times, they don’t even have that. Can you imagine yourself not having a home to call your own???

I remembered a Sunday a couple of years ago when there was a public art event in Peekskill. One of the installations was a group of fifteen small tents crocheted by hand. The little tents beamed with vibrant, powerful colors and at the same time looked fragile. Feelings of sadness and hope rushed through me. The little camp of tents reminded me of all the millions of us who at one point or another did not have a home and had to live in a tenuous structure supported only by our hope, faith, and trust in the benevolent nature of life. (The countless migrants and displaced people all over the globe are experiencing this right now).

So many times in my own life I was “living in a tent,” which to me meant living through a hard period filled with unknowns, questions, doubts, and fears. Moments in my life where I felt like I was sinking into the quicksands of existence. During these times, I was forced to reach out to a power greater than myself, even when I was not convinced at all there was one.

I was humbled and helpless enough to allow my heart to open and receive. These frightening periods of my life ended up being my most inspiring. It was during these times I found my connection to Spirit.

The Jewish holiday of Sukkot in which Jews create little structures made of wood, brush, and curtains for walls, comes to remind us of the tenuous nature of our earthly life and at the same time the infinite source of support available to us by Spirit. All we need is an open heart and a strong faith.

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