• Nomi Bachar

Living in the Present

person with pink fingernails holding a cappuccino

The last 6 months were difficult and at the same time very transformative for me. I, like many of us, needed to reinvent my business and deeply reconsider my priorities.

What truly matters to me, who truly matters to me, and why?

If you are like me, going through internal and external changes, you might want to find solace and centering in meditation. Meditation provides me with internal space to see and feel clearly.

My meditations through this challenging time helped me to appreciate my moments, simple daily moments. I have found a greater sense of joy and peace in the midst of the ongoing storm.

Since we don’t really have anything other than the present moment, not living in it means losing life and losing time.

One of my beginner meditators realized in her meditation that she was holding onto a past trauma. Within the meditation she was able to release it, this created a sense of peace within her. She was immediately able to relax into her present, while her mind relaxed, her body softened, tensions disappeared from her neck and shoulders, and her breath deepened.

I am sure you want to enjoy your present moments and be able to appreciate the gifts of your daily life. These gifts include the site of the sky, the smell of the trees after the rain, the loving voice of a friend, or the giggle of a child. 

To be able to fully appreciate your moments you need to cultivate a peaceful meditative state of mind. What is in the way, preventing us from achieving the meditative state of mind, are fears, insecurities, self doubts, unresolved trauma, and injured self esteem. All these skewed and negative beliefs about ourselves and life need to be released and dissolved. We need to realize our true nature, accept our humanity as people in a process of learning. We are not good or bad, we are just humans learning to be whole. This kind of acceptance frees us from judging ourselves and others. It clears the path for a deeper realization, which is that we are spirit made of the same consciousness that prevails all things.

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