• Nomi Bachar


We tend to seek a sense of gratification and validation from external sources, in an effort to feel a sense of self value and connection. By doing so, we separate ourselves even further from our own essential identity, and as a result, further from our true inner power, love, and wisdom. Think of how much time that you spend on your facade, collecting likes and follows as a status symbol, as well as materialistic items to further prove the point that you are worthy of value and connection. This behavior becomes addictive. The more you collect, the more you need to continue. The more you continue, the deeper you lose a connection with your true essence and miss the opportunity to discover your true real value as a human being.

Let’s take the example of a movie projector. The Source within is the light of the projector which makes the showing of our life’s movie possible. We tend to identify strongly with the images and events that are projected onto the screen of our lives. If we become too attached to them, we can lose the connection with the light source that is actually the cause of all manifestations. We tend to look at things that are happening to us, as if they are just there, rather than realizing that we, our energy, our state of mind, and our actions, are the creators of these events and circumstances.

Here is another example. Imagine that you’re trying to wipe out a dirt mark on your face while looking in the mirror, and instead of wiping your face, you try to wipe the mark in the mirror, not realizing that you are the source of the real image. The people and the things that we become so dependent on, are the containers of the exact light that is available to us. What we’re looking for lives within us. WE ARE what we are seeking. Fulfillment is already available within every cell of our being. All we need to do is experience a union with ourselves. The love we’re looking for is conveniently located within our hearts. You can live the greatest love affair by celebrating the union between your human self and the Universal Self.

Since we don’t always experience this union, we feel lonely and needy. We seek and depend on people and things outside of ourselves. We cultivate attachments, and we fear to lose them: we hold on, and we try to control and manipulate them in order to feel secure, thereby creating further isolation and suffering. We are designed to be sustained by our wholeness. One of the natural elements of wholeness is the desire and the ability to connect. Connecting is different from desperate dependency. We thrive when we truly connect with ourselves and others. We yearn to share and know one another. Nothing makes us more joyful than giving and receiving love from a place of openness and self-acceptance. The desire to connect is a powerful force. It can move us beyond our tendency to separate.