• Nomi Bachar

Live In The Moment

Mindfulness, or spacious witnessing, is the art of attention and awareness. It lives in the present moment, which is the only moment we have. It is a form of non-judgmental, relaxed awareness. When we are mindful, we are consciously paying attention on purpose to the contents of each moment. We are noticing our feelings and sensations. We are taking in the details of our external environment, as well as the emotional and mental currents that are flowing within us. Mindfulness also means cultivating a relaxed acceptance of what is. We learn to allow what happens to just “be” and observe it with compassion. We are witnessing rather than resisting, controlling or fixing.

Sounds easy? Not at all. Mindfulness takes tremendous practice since we all are, to various degrees, anxious and reactive. We tend to live in the past, or in the future, going back and forth from one to the other in an effort, mostly unconscious, to manipulate life and outsmart it. Just being in the present moment feels very open and vulnerable. Most of us are too restless to relax into the moment. We end up being absent from our own life, a guest rather than the homeowner.

Isn’t it interesting that we forget that we are here in this life temporarily? We might not be here tomorrow. Our moments are precious, but we’re not living them fully. We are doing things automatically, unconsciously, taking life for granted. Mindfulness, or spacious witnessing, reduces stress and enhances our ability to enjoy and appreciate life. It opens our hearts and minds to an expanded experience of life, and relaxes our tendency to contract and withdraw away from what is.

In the stillness of your witnessing, you discover the part of yourself that is pure awareness. It is as if for that moment you are within the mind of the universe, one with that ever-present consciousness. This allows you to experience the Self beyond your human self; you touch your true essence.