• Nomi Bachar

LISTEN to What the Body has to Say – bodyscan exercise

In this podcast I guide you through one of the body scans that we use in the Gates of Power® Program. As you know Gates of Power® helps you with the process of self-healing, self- transformation and self-actualization.

Healing facilitates transformation, healing and transformation are the ground for self-actualization. Gates of Power® method is extremely effective because it helps you unblock energize and optimize all 7 areas of life. These areas are called Gates. When they work together in balance they create a synergy of wholeness and strength. One of these areas is the Gate of the Body.

We know that the body is a mirror of the soul. By listening carefully to our body's symptoms, sensations and the movement of energy, we can learn about our emotions, beliefs, blockages and deep desires. In the Program I have created exercises and processes for each one of the Gates to assist you in optimizing all of these areas of life.

Listen to this podcast to get some intuitive understanding of what is possibly going on in your body and how it reflects what is going on in your life.

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