• Nomi Bachar

Letting Go To Renew and Heal

purple, red, green, and orange leaves

Autumn always reminds me of the necessity of death for the sake of renewal.

Have you noticed that just before the leaves die and drop to the ground, the trees are covered by striking colors of gold and red shimmering in the light? I call this the moment of their enlightenment. 

It is as if the leaves know that they are dying and are bursting with the last drop of life, celebrating their life and their death, both at the same time.

I imagine that they feel they will join earth and live in another form. It seems like nature knows that death is necessary to renewal. What we see as death is just a transformation from one state of existence to another. Maybe this is why I feel autumn is a celebration of letting go, with all the glorious colors an incredible beauty. We can all learn from nature to trust the little or big “deaths” in our lives, the shedding of the old. 

If we can let go, we can renew and heal.

As we move through life, we accumulate hurts, traumas, resentments, disappointments, negative beliefs about ourselves, others and life in general. Most of us are not in the habit of examining what we are accumulating and consciously engaging in the process of clearing. All of that mental, spiritual, and emotional storage blocks us from being able to be present. Our hearts and minds don’t have the clairity to enjoy the exchange of love, joy and creativity with others (as well as nature and life).

I love coaching and assisting people in moving through the past and releasing unnecessary mental and emotional accumulation. We look at, and identify what is true and lasting within us, what is unnecessary, limiting, and false. I give them the tools to let go of the unnecessary weight of bitterness, sadness, anger, self-criticism and anything else that is holding them down.

By letting go of who we are not, we slowly come to be who we truly are. 

Being who we truly are is our source of inner strength and success.

Are you holding onto feelings and beliefs that are weighing you down, limiting your expression and freedom? 

Are you ready to face these internal restrictions, identify them, and let them go? 

The time is now - this past year has been difficult enough and it is time to let go of what is no longer serving you. Give me 30-minutes of your time, and we can come up with a plan to put your life on the best path -  it is my purpose and my passion. I have helped hundreds of people do just that over the last 30 years. 

If you are looking for therapy sessions nearby in New York, Nomi Bachar is a trained psychotherapist and self healing/self actualization coach. She provides spiritual, emotional, and practical guidance to help you transform your life. Her program Gates of Power, gives you the power of self healing and the ability to reach your potential. Her spiritual books guide you through the process of attaining the possible you.