• Nomi Bachar

Healing The Root of Your Suffering

burning candle in the foreground and an out of focus person meditating in the background

The root of the problem is that at a young age, we reject and repress our authentic, Emotional Self. Since we experience or interpret criticism and rejection, we choose to identify with

our Defensive Self as our identity.

When you operate from the belief that you must fix yourself, all your efforts of self-growth, self-development, and even self-healing falls short.

In this meditation, you will get a clear sense of the root of your suffering. This will help you shift, heal, and release what is in your way of being joyous and free.

If you are looking for therapy sessions nearby in New York, Nomi Bachar is a trained psychotherapist and self healing/self actualization coach. She provides spiritual, emotional, and practical guidance to help you transform your life. Her program Gates of Power, gives you the power of self healing and the ability to reach your potential. Her spiritual books guide you through the process of attaining the possible you.