• Nomi Bachar

Healing Addictions

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Each one of us is a powerhouse of abilities, talents, visions, and passions. In spite of your tremendous potential, you get stuck. Fears, insecurities, and frustrations stop you from being all you can be and worse, drive you to addiction. Addictions take many forms, one can be addicted to food, alcohol, other substances, to sex, to relationships, to gadgets, and even to success, money, power, and status. Addictions coverup emotional pain and the way to conquer them is to face the pain and release it in a proper way.  With the right system and coaching, you can overcome addictions and find your true inner power and balance in life. 

My 4 Golden Keys and Gates of Power® Program unlock your Inner Potential. The program gives you the tools to heal and coach yourself, and the ability to reach your goals, achieving fulfilling success. 

4 Golden Keys: ​1. Know Your Inner Map: Get familiar with your natural abilities, skills, and talents as well as your insecurities, blind spots, and ineffective behavior. Knowing yourself gives you the ability to progress. 2. Attain Internal Leadership:  Attain the ability to be the leader of your internal self as well as your life, and the things that matter to you most.  3. Actualize Successfully All 7 Areas of Your Life: 7 areas of your life are called Gates of Power(R). These are Gate of the Body, Gate of Emotions, Gate of Dialogue (relationships), Gate of Creative Expression, Gate of LifePath, Gate of Silence (Meditations & Spiritual Connections) and, Gate of Knowledge. 4. Commit to Your Purpose and Attain Your Goals:Master the ability to focus clearly on your purpose and your goals. Exercise the formula of choices, commitments, and actions to move consistently towards actualizing your vision.

​A fulfilling life is a successful life. Be the superstar of your life. Free of Addictions. Confident. Expressed. Accomplished.

If you or someone you know wants to be free of addiction, please refer to me. I am offering a 30-minute free phone consultation. 

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If you are looking for therapy sessions nearby in New York, Nomi Bachar is a trained psychotherapist and self healing/self actualization coach. She provides spiritual, emotional, and practical guidance to help you transform your life. Her program Gates of Power, gives you the power of self healing and the ability to reach your potential. Her spiritual books guide you through the process of attaining the possible you.