• Nomi Bachar

Getting to Know Our Emotional Self

One of the ways to find out about your emotions is to visit them regularly. Pay attention to them when they surface, listen carefully, and write down a few lines about specific emotions that moved you. Taking the time to acknowledge emotions is a way of respecting them. Respect leads to understanding and acceptance. Emotions that are understood and accepted can move freely.

There is a guided visualization I often use with clients that helps to uncover the secrets of our Emotional Self. It is called “Visiting the Home of Your Feelings.” The home of your feelings is a place within you (in your Emotional-Self) where all your experiences and emotions live. It contains many “rooms,” and each one encompasses landscapes, images, colors, people, objects, as well as bits of memories, smells, sounds, and words. Each room is never quite the same whenever you visit it. It continues to unfold, and every visit takes you to new and familiar realms. There is the room for fear, the room for pain, the room for needs, the room for peace, the room for sexuality, the room for loneliness, the room for adventure, and so on. As you can see, it is a vast home.

When I use this visualization, I always suggest to clients to visit one specific room at a time, and to choose the one they feel they need to visit most at the time of the exercise. They are always surprised by what is revealed when they enter the room they chose.

A Meditational Exercise:

I suggest that you find the right moment and place and allow yourself to relax, connect with your breath, and imagine yourself walking on a path to the home of your emotions. When you get to the end of the path and you see the home, take a minute to notice the details. Then, approach the door and go in. Do not rush. Take a minute to get a sense of the atmosphere of this home. Begin to walk intuitively towards a room that you are ready to discover. Your intuition will guide you. Maybe you want to explore your fear room, or your love room, or your anger room, or your joy room. All these rooms and more, are present in this home of your feelings. Now, it’s up to you to take courage, step into one of them, and see who’s there, what do you experience when you are there, what memories come, what colors, shapes, and sounds you hear, and most importantly, what feelings you experience here.

I hope you will take yourself on this journey. Discovering and allowing your emotions to flow heals and strengthens you.

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