• Nomi Bachar

Find Your Spiritual Center One Hour at a Time

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Life has the talent to throw challenges our way often.

Just as you take in a moment of peace and relax, the next challenge is splashing on your face out of nowhere. Nowadays, even the so-called brief, peaceful moments are humming with threats:

  • The economy

  • The pandemic

  • Climate change, and all its disasters

  • Political unrest

  • Violence and crime

  • A decline in the sense of basic human values

All of these are the background sound as we attempt to relax.

I was thrown into my latest challenge a few days ago, and it brought up for me again the big question: How do I keep myself living moment to moment in the truth of divine order?

The essence of life is love, universal order, oneness, wholeness, and unity. This essence, as I experience it, IS the real substance, in spite of the chaos we see all around — the chaos we human beings bring to the table.

So being thrown into a new challenge, I was asking myself again, “What keeps me grounded securely in the truth of divine order?” My answer is: looking fear in the eyes, letting it dissolve, and having the courage to let it go, instead of emotionally attaching to it. The choice is between fear and trust. Surrendering to trust is at times scary. At the same time, when we trust in life, in the source, and trust that we are children of this universe, a cell in the body of the whole, we come to know that we are taken care of, guided, loved and supported. To find trust, we need to be still. In the stillness, we hear guidance, we know the steps we need to take, and we know we are provided for.

Trust has taken me to allowing. When I allow, I receive what I need. In the midst of this unrest, I find my center one hour at a time. I open myself to life’s challenges knowing that they teach me to stay centered in spiritual truth. Difficult times empower my inner balance and I know I can become as focused as a tightrope walker.

But how do I do that? I’ve created a practical and effective program that helps people find balance, even when life is at its most challenging. Treat yourself to a free 30 minute call for more information.