• Nomi Bachar

Establish loving dialogue with yourself

There are 10 steps to the journey of Self-love. It's not possible for me to discuss in-depth as I desire here in the blog. Hence, I have decided to create a special webinar dedicated to the Empowering process of the art of self-love, the webinar is going to present practical steps of emotional and spiritual empowerment that happen when you master the art of self-love. If you want to read about the steps of the self-love series check out the book by Nomi Bachar “Let the Heart Speak”

WEBINAR Details ART of Self-love by Nomi Bachar, 6th MARCH, Sunday 11:30 am ET, Webinar fees is $25 NOTE: The deadline to register and pay is 2nd March. You can pay through ZELLE or PayPal by using my ID (

Let The Heart Speak BY NOMI BACHAR


Let the Heart Speak extends an invitation to open your heart to life, to let it deeply affect and empower you. This uplifting collection is full of warmth and energy. It touches on a wide range of subjects — relationships, self-love, emotions, celebration, magic, and transformation.

You can reach Nomi Bachar at, 212-877-0346, Schedule a Free 30-minute call here.