• Nomi Bachar

Epiphany on a Sunday

This last Sunday I went with a friend to Blue Cliff Monastery. We were there for a day of mindfulness. Blue Cliff Monastery was created by one of my beloved teachers Thich Nhat Hanh. The Monastery is dedicated to the path of mindfulness which means being present to all that is happening within us and around us, present compassionate and receptive. The path of mindfulness helps you relax and open your heart to your inner self and to life around you. It facilitates the state of being and experiencing the oneness of life.

As part of the practice, we took a long meditative walk in a forest by a river. We were walking very slowly, in silence, present to all the details inside and out. As I was making slow steps on the wet leaves covered ground, I became painfully aware of the earth. We are all stepping on her body. Never before was I so deeply moved by the realization of the endless acceptance and tolerance of our earth.

We build huge cities on her body, drive billions of cars and trucks. We carve within her guts, slash her mountains, cut down her trees, bury our dead and grow our food, all without much regard for her, and she like all mothers allows, gives and accepts.

The ground was covered with fallen leaves red, gold and yellow. The earth is accepting them with love to find a peaceful burial within her so that they can restore and renew. This endless acceptance is pure love. I realized I was walking on pure love and endless nurturing patience.

The earth love is so simple yet beyond my human grasp. Thanking the earth is taking a little more loving care of her, turning very little love back to this earthly mother.

Are we going to take care of her or destroy her kindness and ourselves ???


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