• Nomi Bachar

Death in The Middle Of Life

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Florida house on the water with a dock

On a beautiful March day in sunny Florida, while driving around we discovered a beautiful hidden park by the intercoastal. We stopped the car and decided to live among nature for a while. Across the waters stood a massive mansion, all towers, and arches surrounded by gardens and flowers. Its many windows and chandeliers were reflecting all colors of lights. I couldn’t avoid weaving imaginary stories about the life lived there, behind the walls.

Two men sat at the edge of the water fishing. Kids were playing joyfully screaming their heads off. In the middle of the park, two newlyweds created an elaborate love spot for themselves with a fancy picnic table, lights on a stand, pillows, their two little doggies, and baskets of savory foods. They saw nothing but one another, all smiles and giggles. A group of Mediterranean women with headcovers and long dresses, sat in a circle chit-chatting and munching on some interesting snacks. A father carrying his baby on his chest walked around with a proud smile, striking up little conversations with everyone. Dogs were sniffing and I could imagine the trees smiling.

Moments of grace, and then we got a phone call. A dear friend was dying of cancer. She was told she has just weeks to live. The news, sudden and shocking, stopped my heart and blinded my eyes with walls of tears. Death in the middle of all this grace. As we're sitting there, stunned, I remembered Audrey Hepburn and a saying that stayed with me when I watched her biography. She said that at one point in her life, she decided to embrace life unconditionally. At this moment, among sunny happiness, woven with deep sadness, embracing life unconditionally, felt like the only way to be. This kind of loving acceptance of life and death is not easy. I keep asking to be able to master that way of being, one day at a time.

Let's clear our emotion and energy field on a daily basis. Let's allow our emotions to move through and release themselves. Letting go again and again of whatever constricts, burdens, and limits us. Let's remove objects that we don't need, people and relationships that are not nurturing to us any longer, and concepts that are blocking of us from living with an open heart.

If you are willing to accept yourself unconditionally, learn what you need to let go of, and what you need to cultivate to create the life that you were meant to live, find out how you can do this in 30-minutes in a free session with me.

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