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Establish loving dialogue with yourself

Establish loving dialogue with yourself Self-Love Rehab: Step III – Establish loving dialogue with yourself In “Self-Love Rehab: Step 1,” we reviewed the power of “choice.” In “Self-Love Rehab: Step 2,” I emphasized the idea that universal and loving intelligence lives within us. In “Self-Love Rehab: Step 3,” we will uncover how whatever you feel, think and do, affects –believe it or not – our dynamic global ecosystem. Maybe you think this sounds a bit grandiose, or even unbelievable, but think about it this way: How many times have you stepped into a meeting with a chip on your shoulder, and somehow, the entire atmosphere shifted from one of excitement and joyous buzz to that of sullen blandness My point is this: Whether you do or don’t love yourself, your attitude causes a ripple effect in the universal emotional realm. And to be generous and care for yourself, first is to be generous and caring for the rest of humanity. To love someone properly, you need to know them – know what they need. Know what they appreciate and desire. When you have a basis from which to reach out, you can meet their emotional needs as a supportive friend and loved one. We will consider steps that will help you become that trusted friend to yourself. Make time – say, 15 – 20 minutes – to complete this exercise. Take two sheets of paper and place them opposite each other, one on your right and one on your left. On the paper to your right, jot down the question: “What is it that I need to feel loved, fulfilled, and joyful?” Now, on the same sheet of paper, proceed to elaborate on the question above. Encourage yourself to write down everything, just like a good parent would encourage their child. Doing this will help to uncover some of the scenarios that serve as a roadblock to your happiness. For example, you may write to yourself: “I know that you’ve been very stressed at work lately. What are you feeling? Are you afraid? Angry? Hurt? How can we remedy these negative feelings so that you can proceed healthily and happily?” Now move to the second page, and write in big, bold letters: “These are the things I need to feel, do and know in order to feel better…” Then, from your deepest, emotional core respond freely and from your heart. List everything that you need to feel happier. Once completed, acknowledge these needs. Choose a couple of actions that will address them. For example, if you need to talk to your boss to resolve an issue, devise a plan, and do it. Once you follow up with loving actions to support your needs, you will begin to sense a seed of inner strength growing. You are becoming that beautiful, proud tree you were designed to be. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ There are 7 more steps to the journey of Self-love. It's not possible for me to discuss in-depth as I desire here in the blog. Hence, I have decided to create a special webinar dedicated to the Empowering process of the art of self-love, the webinar is going to present practical steps of emotional and spiritual empowerment that happen when you master the art of self-love. If you want to read about the steps of the self-love series check out the book by Nomi Bachar “Let the Heart Speak” WEBINAR Details ART of Self-love by Nomi Bachar, 6th MARCH, Sunday 11:30 am ET, Webinar fees is $25 NOTE: The deadline to register and pay is 2nd March. You can pay through ZELLE or PayPal by using my id (

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