• Nomi Bachar

Challenging Times: Staying In Your True Power

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

We are all going through a tremendously challenging time. So many of us were hit personally by tragedy, loss, economic impact, emotional and spiritual trauma. To add to that the state of political and social tensions, and the global weather patterns — it all accumulates to create tremendous personal pressure.

When we don’t have the emotional and the spiritual tools to deal with this kind of pressure, we end up disconnecting further from ourselves and reality, because it’s just too much for a lot of us. This kind of disconnection uproots us from the source of power within ourselves. To be clear, I am talking about true power — not to be confused with muscle power, or power by sheer will.

These types of strengths are okay, but that is not what we’re talking about. We are talking about the part within our inner being that is fueled by wisdom, compassion, insight and intuition. It’s the part of us that is directly connected to the universal wisdom. That is the power that I am speaking about.

The more challenging the times, the more challenging the circumstances you live through, the more you can move in the direction of disconnection, avoidance, denial, and addiction — or you can move into stillness, silence, meditation, spiritual practice, and connect deeper, creating a profound level of transformation for yourself.

What are some of the ways that would help you, if you are passionate about connecting? In other words, how do we care for the soul when we’re under so much pressure? Sometimes we get it backwards — we think that by fixing the external circumstances we will get the sense of peace and centeredness that we’re looking for, but actually it’s the other way around. By centering within our true power, the organic answer as to how to shift the circumstances comes to us. At times, the circumstances shift by themselves when we are able to live from our true center.

Gates of Power® provide you with some very tangible and effective tools. I am here to offer these tools to all that are open to receive.

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