• Nomi Bachar


The last two years were shocking, traumatic, deeply upsetting and most importantly, profoundly transforming before the pandemic strike. We took life for granted, we took our health for granted, we took our loved ones and community for granted. The pandemic woke us up to the fact that life could be destroyed in no time. We realized the preciousness of our life and our moments, the preciousness of the people that we love. Most of us began looking at our life differently asking ourselves: What really matters? What is my life all about? How do I keep my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing intact? What is the way to create a TOTAL LIFE WELLNESS? How do I keep all areas of my life energized and balanced? In other words, How do I maximize the wellbeing of my life so that I create total fulfillment? I myself plugged into these questions with a different kind of intensity and I have made a few and extremely important shifts in my lifestyle. I have decided to put more emphasis on enjoyment, family and free time. How did the pandemic change your perspective on life? What are the changes that you implemented in our life? What is your understanding of the idea of TOTAL LIFE WELLNESS? How are you working towards TOTAL LIFE WELLNESS? As a Psychotherapist and a Self-Actualization coach, I have been helping people for the last 30 years to discover, implement and work towards TOTAL LIFE WELLNESS. The need for this knowledge is growing now and so is the urgency to educate as many people as possible. As a result, I have decided to add more of my teaching and counseling online through courses and webinars. This Sunday, we are doing a webinar on the ART OF SELF-LOVE. Our next webinar is scheduled for Sunday, 3rd April, and it is dedicated to TOTAL LIFE WELLNESS. Keep your heart, mind and schedule open for the Webinar Registration!


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