• Nomi Bachar

A Moment for True Strength

The other night I was taking my solitary walk down the empty streets of NYC.

Breathing heavier through my mask, I noticed the screaming ambulance. There were no cars around the sirens were not necessary, still they sounded the

fear, pain and plea of all of us, locked within our sheltered prisons.

The city still and majestic was holding her breath. She was enjoying her

peace, like a marathon runner who stop for a minute to catch her breath.

Our city was gathering her strength to take her life back.

How? When? The questions hung low like long dark shadows that filled the streets.

My heart noticed the trees, some brave ones dared to announce spring and clothed

Themselves with pink and white beauty. Shadows and beauty walked with me and I needed to choose which will take my attention..

I knew as I was walking that this is the moment to reach deep into my soul and gather all the truth, love and strength I can glean. This is the moment to live immersed by the endless light of providence and radiate it inside and out. This is a moment of great discovery, a moment of deep sharing and gratitude, a moment to

allow grace and new possibilities to flow in and create miracles. Stay in the light