• Nomi Bachar

Knowledge is Power… Share Your Thoughts

I have kept personal journals since I was 20 years old, for about 30 years. When I read my old journals I find this question over and over again. Me asking myself, what is in MY way of feeling joyful, free, expressive… I was asking myself the question and at the same time, very slowly but surely peeling the layers of what was holding me back. Fears, Insecurities, false sense of obligation, self-doubts… … This sacred peeling and letting go of all that we are not and coming to relaize what we truly are is what our journey here is all about. You see I think of it as our essential true nature collecting life's mud that sticks to it So much so that we slowly forget our essence and identify with the mud. Nothing wrong with life's mud, it can be cleared. It's through the action of clearing the mud that we learn about ourselves and become who we really are. The lotus flower emerges from the mud, a symbol of our spiritual journey. As a way to keep us all interested and engaged I will be starting a new vlog/podcast on Reaching Our Potential, Overcoming Obstacles and Building Inner-Strength and Confidence. PLEASE check BELOW what is holding you back from reaching YOUR potential! I want to make it as interactive as possible and need Your Feedback

My first topic will be: " Why It is so hard to Reach Our Desires"? We all have different answers to this question, I would love to know them. I will be using the Gates of Power® Method which I have created to give Us the tools to:

... discover how to: • Express your unique greatness • Dissolve fears and frustrations • Coach yourself for success • Communicate and connect authentically • Leverage your talents and skills • Get clear about your vision and make it a reality What is holding ME back from reaching The Best me is: