• Nomi Bachar

Let Go of Limitations

We all get emotionally hurt. As children we are very open emotionally. We are in great need of support, care and love Our parents who struggle to survive and thrive, cannot always provide us with the care and appreciation we all need as little people. Loving reinforcement is a must to create a positive feeling about our self and our worth. When we do not receive a good amount of that, we come to assume that there is something wrong or deficient in us

This assumption stays within our psyche and emotional field as a painful open scar. we begin to create layers of compensation [a defensive structure] to cover up the hurt and make sure we get application, attention and love. We create that structure to protect the hurt and the lack of self-esteem. All that does not heal us or make us truly appreciate ourselves. It just confines us and promotes inner limitations. We are locked into a defensive, protective inner-structure within which our emotional self is still self-doubting and sad

Obviously this is not the fulfilling life that we want. We CAN liberate and heal ourselves. It is our gift and right to enjoy our potential, enjoy who we are, exchange with others and contribute. It took me a few long years to get there I am so grateful I did the hard work of transformation. Today I am here to help you to do the same.

Below is a short video that explains the basics of the Gates of Power® Method. Treat yourself to watching it!