• Nomi Bachar

The Power of Core Desires

It has been said that “ what You want is who You are”.

Your Core Desires dictate the course of your life. Everything originates from a want, a desire to express, to create, achieve or attain something higher, bigger, different that is not yet in our current realty but is yearning to become. Our Core Desires are powerful energy engines that shape reality into manifestation. If you want to create a happy, fulfilling and successful life you must examine and define your Core Desires. Positive and beneficial desires will lead you to a fulfilling successful life.

Let’s take a minute to differentiate constructive desires from destructive ones. Destructive desires are a result of a life steeped in fear and insecurity. They come from the need to compensate for an unhealed sense of self. Constructive desires spring from a need to grow expand, open up, contribute and make life and community better.

Take a look at what you want most for yourself and your life and define your constructive core desires.

Core Desires are, as the name suggests, desires that originate in the core of our being. Deep in our heart and soul, their power is fueled by the fact that they are anything but superficial. These desires are born from a true need to expand, grow and share our gifts. Many times the protective/ defensive part within us will try to talk us out of these true desires, because of fear, self-doubt or hesitation. This is when we must learn to trust ourselves and our desires and become 100% loyal and committed to them.

The power of committed conviction is enormous. Wanting something with all your mind, body and soul can move mountains. Being loyal to your core desires means that you are loyal to the highest and the best of you, that puts you in union with the universal flow.

You start living in the feeling reality of your desire and your energy field attracts all that you need to precede in the direction of your vision, a new reality slowly comes into being.

So, as you can see the first and most important step is to become clear about your Core Desires. See that they are aligned with your best self, your true purpose. That would set you on the right path. It gives your life a sense of meaning. It brings you focus, clear direction and natural initiative. It inspires the courage and strength you will need to face your challenges and celebrate your victories. The whole universe will align behind you to help you to achieve your dream.