• Nomi Bachar


How do we return to the original simplicity and authenticity of our Emotional Self? What took us away from it was our defense against pain and the belief that we need to be different from what we truly are in order to receive love and survive. But what will bring us back to our emotional core is to pass through the Gate of our repressed pain and in doing so, liberate ourselves from the fear it generates in us.

We all have experienced the feeling of dreading someone or something so much so that we are paralyzed by fear. Then, for whatever reason, we decide to confront the person or the thing we dread most. We muster the courage and go through with it. A sense of relief and freedom follows—a total shift in the mind/ body state. It is the same when it comes to liberating the heart. It takes courage to confront old painful experiences. When we relive them with awareness, compassion, and creative intuition, we can glean lessons of strength and wisdom. we pass through and beyond our pains and fears, we come to experience our unboundedness and ultimately our eternal and infinite nature. You might note that even when things don’t work out as we’d like after a big confrontation, they’re rarely as bad as our worst-case scenarios; and even when they are, we feel better for having expressed ourselves and listened to the other. What Helps Our Emotional Self Find The Courage To Feel?

The aspect of our being that I refer to as the Expanded Self is our helper. Imagine a loving hand, a reassuring voice, a cheerleader, and a mentor who is there to take you through fears, pains, and uncertainty. There is no need to imagine; we have all that and more available to us within our Expanded Self. The Expanded Self is the compassionate witness within. It is the connector between our individual consciousness and the Universal Mind. We can think of it as the place within our consciousness where universal wisdom and knowledge lives, the One-Self reflected and expressed within our human self. This is our ultimate healer. Your Emotional Self needs the loving guidance of your Expanded Self in order to release its pain and negativity. Most of us get glimpses of the power and beauty of our Expanded Self, but we don’t know how to utilize it's healing wisdom to liberate our Emotional Self. Gates of Power®: Actualize Your True Self explains How In the book Gates of Power®: Actualize Your True Self, the Gate of Dialogue will further explains how to consciously create a bond, a channel of communication between the Expanded Self and the Emotional Self. For now, draw on your experience of the guiding intuitive voice within you. Your Expanded Self will assist you in understanding your emotions and attending to them. The book is