• Nomi Bachar

Leadership Series – Part 5

INNER POWER = INTERNAL LEADERSHIP I hope that by listening to part 4 you got a better understanding of what i call your current inner map. I am sure that you are a bit clearer about how you may be standing in your own way of achieving balance, peace and fulfillment. Without knowing the current state we cannot go anywhere but just knowing is not enough. I have met a lot of clients who came to me with an extensive background of therapy or psychoanalysis, they knew everything there is to know about what confines them and why. But they didn’t seem to be able to move from that. to a freer and more expanded state.

They did start to move when they entered the Gates of Power® Program. In part 5 I am giving you examples of Tools that I give my clients so that they can create a state of expanded leadership inside and out. I give examples of exercises and processes that help you shift insecurities, fears and self imposed limitations. the journey from the current to the optimal is helped by using meditations, creative exercises, emotional release processes and action plan. In this video you get to hear about some of these tools.

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