• Nomi Bachar

In the Balance: Our Planet. Our Lives. Our Crisis.

Our world: planet and people is in a serious crisis. We are facing climate changes, severe health challenges caused by herbicides, chemicals and GMO poisoning our food, air, earth and water, socio-political crisis’ originating by corruption and greed causing millions to flee their countries and wander about without proper shelter, food and safety. I heard yesterday the shocking fact that at this point

280 million kids world-wide are without proper basic care and education.

This is the time to dig deep inside. Each one of us has the responsibility to make the best of who we are and find a way to contribute to a movement toward positive change. It does start with each one of us truly taking care of our inner selves, mind, body and spirit. A new year is a good time to reexamine and recommit.

A new year is a wake-up call, infused with a sweet invitation from destiny to take the next step up. Ideally, we should have the habit of examining our lives weekly, asking the questions: What works, what doesn’t, why, and what is needed? But most of us are not as diligent as we should be.

The New Year will flash a sign of “Stop and Think,” in front of our eyes and whisper: “The clock of time keeps ticking away silently; you will not be here, in this version of yourself, forever. It is time to take stock of your life and yourself.” I invite you to take a minute and ask yourself: “What area of my life is clearly out of balance and needs more attention right now?”

• Is it your family?

• Your creative projects?

• Your health?

• Your spiritual evolution?

• Your emotional freedom?

• Your finances?

Write down your answer on a sheet of paper. This is the item highest on your priority list. The one you are most passionate about. The second question to ask yourself is: “How committed am I to creating a new level of possibilities in this area?” If your commitment is wavering, the third question is: “What’s standing in the way?”

Strong emotional commitment is the key to manifestation. Actualized desires spring from our inner being. “As within, so without.” If you want love, you need to be love. If you want health, you need to envision health, etc. To achieve growth and balance in the area of your life that you chose, you need to nurture your whole being.

All aspects of our lives are closely connected. Your state of being is the soil in which all dreams grow and blossom, and you are the gardener.

Make sure you provide a fertile soil for your inner being if you want your dreams and wishes to come true.

Our inner being expresses itself through seven channels. I call these channels The Seven Gates of Power®. When all seven channels are open unblocked, expressive, energized, and working together in harmony, you are a whole, powerful, and expressive being. You then enter into a state of being that supports the manifestation of your visions and desires.

Imagine yourself as a flower with seven petals.

All petals have to be nourished and opened for the flower to express its beauty fully. In the same way, all of your Gates need to be nourished, cleared and energized in order for your inner light to shine.

The Seven Gates of our being are:

  • The Gate of The Body (also includes all physical structures of life, home, care, and finances)

  • The Gate of Emotions

  • The Gate of Dialogue (relationships with yourself and others)

  • The Gate of Creative Expression (adventure, playful and creative projects)

  • The Gate of Life Path (your life’s purpose and direction)

  • The Gate of Silence (prayer and meditation)

  • The Gate of Knowledge (learning)

If you neglect any one of these Gates, you compromise your inner balance. All the Gates are connected and work together in synergy. Here are some tips for creating wholeness in preparation for the New Year:

1. Take an honest look at each one of the Gates and ask yourself what you need to strengthen and cultivate in this area of your life.

2. Make three clear commitments relating to each Gate. For example, the Gate of the Body: How do you intend to strengthen your body in this coming year? Nutrition? Exercise? Rest? Grooming? Or, the Gate of Emotion: How can you create greater emotional freedom and connect with feelings you are avoiding? Express your feelings more, better, differently? Learn to understand or accept certain emotions?

Once you finish going through this process and you have made three commitments under each Gate, you are ready to chart your plan for renewal and empowerment.

I wish you a year of health, joy, and renewal.