• Nomi Bachar

Cruelty and Abuse: The Impact

The story of Sandra Bland stirred up my mind and heart again yesterday when her sister was interviewed on Amanpour and Company on PBS. A young intelligent talented black woman was stopped for a driving violation and was cruelly and abusively treated by the officer who stopped her. She was put in jail and found dead 72 hours later.

This is just one story of many… too many of unneeded actions of cruelty from one human being to another. Millions of people are wandering the world without homes, food, or political/social protection, all because of the cruelty and abuse of corrupt leaders. Others are taking to the streets, get beaten and resort to destruction out of rage at the compromising life conditions created by uncaring leaders.

Wherever we look we see the manifestations of selfish heartless cruelty. We are all affected by that. When others are shot, abused or tormented… we feel it. There is no separation between us, in terms of consciousness. We live in what looks like separate bodies, I say looks like, since actually all life share the same energy field and we are all part of the one consciousness, the field of all life, the one mind of the absolute creative source.

So yes we are all feeling the hurt, feeling the abuse, we are all suffering it.

Kindness and caring is what we human beings long for most of all. How do we create kindness amoung ourselves, kindness toward ourselves and others? Walking in kindness in the midst of brutality and injustice, even while standing up for a better world, how do we do that? That is a daily question in my mind. Is there a better choice?