• Nomi Bachar

The Cyber Cleaners – exposed to the most ugly

The other night Independent Lens presented a documentary called “The Cleaners” on PBS. How many of us think of the hundreds of people from Malaysia, India, Philippines and South America hired by Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, who are laboring for hours in front of the screen attempting to “clean” the web. They are called content moderators. Their job is to delete the “unfit” and “against guideline” material posted on the open, everything goes wild frontier online.

The people who were interviewed spoke of the distressing effect of their job. They are exposed day in and day out to the worse expression of human distortion, killing, abuse, sexual disfunction, torture, hate, violence, cruelty and the list goes on. The stress of being exposed to the most ugly and abusive expression of the human race causes some to commit suicide, others to become shut-down and numb or quit.

I was very moved by one of the “cleaners”, a woman who spoke of her commitment to the positive, sacred and loving expression of life. She seemed to be fighting to live in the light, in spite of daily exposure the ugly and dark side of life.

What makes, some people, do all they can to uphold compassion and sacredness of people and nature, while others are driven by hate, greed and the need to exploit and abuse???

These two camps are becoming more and more polarized. The “haters” feel justified to destroy and the “lovers” have to fight hard internally to stay on the positive lane. I feel deeply committed to serve people and planet by creating wholeness and peace.

Where do YOU stand within this battleground for a surviving planet?