• Nomi Bachar

LOVE or HATE: Which is Winning?

Last night while meditating, the horrors of our reality were gushing into my mind. Dark colors of violence, greed and hate were tainting my thoughts, as they do every moment of our day.

To put my mind at ease I took myself to the feeling of love. I thought of my mother, who passed away and my heart relaxed in a warm giggle. I thought of my father and I was filled with gentle compassion, thought about my brother and deep care flooded me. My thought on my sister brought in a sunny feeling of friendship.

Love, not the kind that is needy, looking to get… but the one that is embracing of the other and enjoying their very being. That love brings us many rich and different colors, all expanding our insides: heart, energy, expression filling us with relaxed joy.

Have you noticed that hate has one color, dark red mixed with black. Hate is blaming, it is hard contracted and bitter. It keeps the hater in a cage of anger.

Hate is a prison locked in it, we are lonely, cut off and shut down.

Why would any one of us choose to live there? Is it because it is easier to blame others? Easier to unleash frustration rather than feel it? Easier to look outside than to look inside?

Love demands openess and vulnerability while hate is protected by thick walls of defensive layers.

That is the choice many make, staying protected, defended and blaming. The “Easy” road leads to internal death, the destruction of self and others. Is it really the easy road?