• Nomi Bachar


The other night while walking home, I noticed a big bubble of blue plastic on the sidewalk.

It looked like an igloo made of torn plastic, a shelter home for a homeless person. I could not see the person, I only saw a plastic cave to hide.

Hide from the harsh world? Hide from life? Hide from the inner pain? Maybe hide from all of it.

I thought to myself how many people, working, successful, well dressed with long resumes might be hiding in their internal blue bubble of loneliness, fears and self doubts.

They are not homeless but internally they may be anxious and lost. We see more and more young people on the street, homeless. Maybe the opioid or other drugs stripped them from their life and possibilities. Maybe it is a broken home, or lack of loving guidance???

I know how hard I had to fight as a young person to attain my confidence and my goals.I know the feeling of loneliness and despair. I was there as a young person. In those days I thought I would never be able to experience life untainted by suffering. My tireless dedication to my transformation took me through and beyond it.

To the degree you are willing to be with, and move through, your suffering, is the degree of your success in transforming it into loving joy and positive achievement.

I have to thank all of my mentors, teachers and coaches along my path.

I’ve been counseling people for 27 years and my commitment was to create a system and a program that would give them all they need to mend and cultivate a strong body, mind and soul, and I did. I created Gates of Power® Method.

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