• Nomi Bachar

Mental Health... Our Most Treasured Asset

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The other night I watched a documentary on channel 13 PBS about mental illness and the horrific ramifications of it.

The documentary was a peek into a young woman’s life, Linda Bishop, who suffered from psychotic bipolar, she died from loneliness and hunger. Her story was heart-wrenching to me. The young woman was extremely creative, poetic, full of life and imagination.

But her mental illness devastated her.

More and more people are suffering from mental disorders and are not always able to get the right guidance, support and treatment. Our mental health is our most treasured asset. Each one of us needs to be nurturing our inner state. Aiming to create internal peace, confidence and solid sense of self value.

Attached is a short video explaining 3 principles I use in Gates Of Power® method to help people strengthen their inner self and their life. VIEW the Video: HERE

Noteworthy Facts:

  • Linda Bishop’s body was found on May 3, 2008, in a home owned by Brian Smith and Lora Goss at 393 Mountain Road in Concord, NH, with a notebook found by her body. In an entry addressed to “whomever finds my body,” Bishop described her death as the result of “domestic violence and abuse” and asked for her death to be reported to the state police. She also requested to be buried at the New Durham Town Cemetery. The entry also included the note, “Jesus take me home.”

For more Information on Linda Bishop you can read here journey @