• Nomi Bachar


What Is the most important ingredient that binds people together?

Couples, families friends, communities, nations. I say it’s trust! Think about your life and your relationships. Who are you truly close with? People you trust! When are you doing your best? When you trust yourself. For me trust in a cosmic intelligence, and divine order is paramount to living with an open heart, hope and faith. Nowadays we all need a big dose of positive outlook to ride the waves of human disfunction and suffering.

In the many moments of my life when all felt dark and hopeless I prayed for trust in a healing, loving power and that ability to trust transformed my experience and my life.

Trust is the base for all that is constructive, creative and unifying, without it we are lost as people, communities, and a planet.

What I see today is a glaring lack of trust among people, between governments and people, between leaders and leaders, within the hearts of people. Trust does not seem to be treasured. Negative power, status, money and control all seem to have the cherished attention. They are all more appreciated than the humble ingredient of trust.

Can abusive power, status, money and control create a life of fulfillment, unity and creative cooperative? NO. So where are we going? What is the life YOU choose to live? What do you cherish and uphold? What is your relationship to trust? Trust of others and trust of yourself. How can you bring trust back to the forefront of your life?

Each one of us has a daily choice to make.

Am I going to support life and healthy living? Or am I going to indulge in sabotaging myself and as a result others? Gates of Power® Method and program gives you the coaching and tools to trust yourself, your abilities, talents and potential and create a life of fulfilling success.