• Nomi Bachar


Excerpt from the International Best Seller: "Gates of Power®: Actualize Your True Potential". Now on Amazon

The whole universe pulsates: expansion and contraction are the rhythm of life, and pulsation is the way the life force sings. Ideally, in order for pulsation to travel through the body in free waves from head to foot, the energetic, physical pathways must be clear. Continuous, repetitive patterns of emotional-energetic distress cause distortions in the inner pathways of our life force. Distress can be caused by external stresses like the cultural and emotional environment around us, or by inner stress. Once the energetic pathways are distorted, they give rise to certain experiences and feelings, adding to the distress. Children who live in a state of terror because of an obsessive parent or violence in the home will contract to protect themselves; the contraction creates compromised energetic-physical patterns. These patterns reinforce the underlying feeling and lead to an experience of weakness and lack of expression in the body. Or, the cycle can start with an internal stress, like an unexpressed feeling of rage, sadness, or fear that quickly grows into a pattern that creates more stress. Chinese medicine recognizes the connection between consciousness and qi (pronounced “chee”), which is the energy field. The qi travels in the body through electromagnetic routes called meridians and vessels. The ancient system of bodily humors, emphasized by the ancient Greek Hippocrates as well as the medieval physician Galen, recognized the same connection. Last but not least, the principle of soul-energy unity was greatly emphasized by the Western psychologist Wilhelm Reich, who established that you cannot effect lasting psychological change without also changing the body—specifically, its chronic tensions, or what he refers to as “character defense.” All these points of view recognize the absolute connection and unity between consciousness and energy, or mind and body. We are essentially self-made creations. We have been shaped by our experiences; they are embedded in our bodies and psyches, and we are continuously shaping and reshaping ourselves. The way we organize our experiences creates our being. Psychology meets biology in our body. Our emotional spiritual evolution is ongoing, unstoppable—we are meant to evolve, and we are provided with intuitive guidance, events, people, and experiences to assist our growth. Any life experience is there as a potential lesson of empowerment. We can be strengthened by our experiences if we choose to embrace them and go through them with awareness. We are here to discover, liberate, and create ourselves.

• • • R e f l e c t i o n P a u s e • • •

Bring to your mind the most difficult of your themes, and ask yourself where in your body it expresses itself. Usually, an emotional stress manifests in the body as tension, contraction, numbness, or discomfort. What parts of your body feel tight, tense, or uncomfortable on a daily basis? If you are aware of any physical, energetic discomfort connected to the theme you chose, you might want to note it down. These insights are an important part of the first principle: awareness.