• Nomi Bachar


My younger self (20-30 yrs. old) was burdened with deep fears and inner pain. The inner fire of my passionate creative self was dampened by insecurity and self doubt. I grew up in Israel at a time when the country and my family were hounded by wars, poverty and suffering.

In my early 30’s all of that unresolved stress caught up with me and I became severely sick. I remember praying like I never did before to get strength and support. For the first time in my young life I actually felt a loving presence within me and around me. It was surprising, and for a moment confusing, but it was there clear as day.

I knew I was not struggling alone.

From that moment on I found myself reaching out to that presence. Later in my personal journey and my counseling practice, I grew to call that part of me the Expanded Self. I learned to realign, heal and support the two other parts of me, my Emotional Self and my Defensive Self, using the loving, wise guidance of my Expanded Self. The insecurities, fears and pain, slowly evaporated. I became truly strong and whole. All of that knowledge and much more entered the method and program I created Gates of Power. I have been able to coach my clients to live within their light.

You see most people’s suffering and insecurities originate from a bruised Emotional Self that is dominated by an overactive, overprotective Defensive Self. Our Defensive Self is anxiously trying to compensate for the old hurts. It attempts to cover up our vulnerabilities and create a false sense of safety at all cost.

What we need is to release and heal our hurts, dissolve our fears and strengthen ourselves.

All that is possible when we learn to use our Expanded Self as our guide, healer and leader. My Gates of Power® Method and Program has aided hundreds to overcome adversity and unlock their potential. I invite you to try a free 30 minute consultations with me and see what it can do for you.


Excerpt from the International Best Seller, "Gates of Power®: Actualize Your True Self".

"Human experience is fraught with different experiences. Our Emotional Self gathers hurt, trauma, loss, sadness, fear, and other stressful emotions.

We tend to interpret some of our hurtful experiences and losses as personal deficiencies.

We create a negative sense of self and a negative outlook on life and people. We hide our pain and lack of self-esteem under our Defensive Self, and live a contracted,limited, and at times destructive life. But there is no need to keep ourselves in bondage.

Each one of us has unique and meaningful gifts, talents, and capabilities that are meant to be expressed and enjoyed.

We are meant to be a contribution to each other. The secret is acknowledging your Expanded Self and learning to live within its expression and guidelines.

The processes offered for balancing and healing the relationships among the aspects are intended to establish the Expanded Self as the leader and guide of the inner space.

By creating a conscious connection and a feeling dialogue between the Expanded Self and the Emotional Self, we can heal our inner suffering and support our emotional ability for joy, love, and play.

Once we establish the Expanded Self as the witness, guide, and protector of the inner space, a process of healing and balance begins to occur. We open up to pleasure, fun, and fulfillment, and free ourselves to be spontaneous and powerful.The world transforms into a playground of possibilities, and we feel inspired to go for the highest vision.”

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