• Nomi Bachar

The Wounded Heart

(Excerpt from International Best Seller, "Gates of Power" 2nd Edition)

Being alive and human is quite risky. The possibilities of being hurt, disappointed, and devastated wait at every corner, and the probability of growing up bent out of shape is undeniable.

Our hearts will not escape the wounds caused by living.

To assist us in navigating the stormy waters of life, we are endowed with the capability for awareness, the built-in urge for growth, and the innate blueprint of wholeness. These attributes are there to help us transform our experiences, no matter how difficult they are, into lessons learned and inner power. Our mind body system has a blueprint, which guides it toward balance and harmony when it functions correctly, hence the tendency to maintain wholeness.

Our system also exhibits a strong orientation toward survival, which means that any intense feeling that threatens our emotional and physical survival will be repressed, split, and encapsulated automatically in order to keep it out of consciousness.

• • • R e f l e c t i o n P a u s e • • •

How are your emotions affecting your body? Choose an emotion

connected to your theme. Meditate on its effects on your body.

Write down specific symptoms, manifestations, and reactions

within your body that are connected to this emotion.

The two tendencies complement each other: survival and wholeness.

We need to respect both of these aspects if we are to grow and thrive. The twist is this: emotions that were buried mostly in the early stages of life for the sake of survival later become the very threat to our survival. This is where survival and wholeness clash. Repressed emotions generate a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety in our system.

They short-circuit our energy field, creating pockets of disconnected tissue. They cause psychological fragmentation within us and separation between ourselves and the world. All of this creates a fertile ground for physical and mental disease.

So, what are we to do?

We must survive first, but then we shouldn’t get stuck in the old survival mode. We should use the guidelines of our Expanded Self and move forward to integrate ourselves back into wholeness—our innate state. Within the state of wholeness we still, naturally and instinctively, guard our survival and keep growing. These two begin to complement each other rather than clash.

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