• Nomi Bachar

Is Gun Violence Truly a Mental Health Crisis?

Mass shootings are becoming common place in the United States. I remember the pit in my stomach that I felt when first hearing the news of Sandy Hook. The thought of children dead because of gun violence left me feeling empty. It concerns me deeply that my reaction to Stoneman Douglas High and the more recent, Santa Fe High are so vastly different. In tandem to sadness, I feel sickened and angry. Unfortunately, these mass shootings are not limited to high schools. We have watched them unfold in movie theaters, night clubs, concerts, and churches.

How many more shootings must be trending on Twitter before we see a real solution?

Whether you reside on the Right of on the Left, we can all agree that something needs to be done. Unfortunately, that “something” is the hot topic of extremely heated debate and the source of turmoil in our divided country.

Organizations like the National Rifle Association and those who support it white knuckle their guns and second amendment right to own them. Holding fast to the idea that more guns will result in less death. In their mind, the more guns are in circulation, the less likely someone can victimize a school or a church.

Others insist this is not the case. Pointing to stats of America having the most guns in circulation of any other country and still seeing an astronomical difference in American gun violence. They point out, for example, the Santa Fe High shooters gun was legally owned and registered by his father. They insist these background checks are ineffective and only lead more accessibility to guns by the mentally unstable.

The victims and children involved in these school shootings are expressing their truth loud and clear. As we saw numerous times within the last few months, they've expressed that they are tired of being silent victims of a society that does not care. What sadly shocks me is that these children are blamed, they are called “actors” and “puppets”, but their voices cannot be hushed.

They are the future voters of this country. They think and feel for themselves, they know what they want, and they are a stand for it.

“From the mouths of babes”

We have had many warnings about not being a gun free society or at least a society that insists on a more through and systematic back ground checks and stricter gun control. Many were killed by angry, reactive, or mentally ill people. People who are not reaching out for help and instead pour their anger, frustration, and anguish on others by shooting and killing.

I sadly observe that our society is addicted to the “easy fix” and it is an issue of public health.

The defensive part of human beings has a valid role which is to watch over our survival. When this part is healthy, it is positively protective but when it goes haywire, by becoming addicted to defensive, “easy fixes” it becomes destructive. Very destructive.

Each one of us has within ourselves, a Defensive Self and each one of us has the personal responsibility to keep that part of ourselves under healthy guidance. This is what it means to be self-aware and self-coaching.

What I’m observing is a society that is letting defensive/addictive patterns rule.

Where do I see that? Look at the drug epidemic. We have mental health issues that are not being addressed and result in violent behavior at work and at home. It is an expression of denial, avoidance, and repression of personal turmoil, reaching out for the “easy fix”.

Then we have the unhealthy love and dependence on guns for a sense of security. This is a clear expression of a defensive way of being. The culture of guns that started and continued since the wild west is still here. Should it be? Top that with the love of money, status, and celebrity. Boil these things down and you will find what they are truly about: power, influence, looking good, and being on the top.

Is that real? No, it’s not! How about being a society that feeds on junk food and mediations?

All of the above is defensive quick fixing, a refusal to look within and truly cultivate positive mental health, self-knowledge, real relating to ourselves, others, and life. When you lead your life from defensive fixing, you are destroying yourself. None of us is an island.

Destroying yourself, even if it is quiet and internal, impacts everybody around you, actually impacts all of us. As we’ve seen with these recent displays of gun violence.

We are one and the same energy/consciousness. Yes, quantum physics has proven what the ancient yogis and kabbalists knew thousands of years ago. We are one. It is a scientific fact. We constantly create and co create our energy field, each one of us personally and together communally. We are weaving consciousness (feelings, thoughts, and beliefs).

Is it time to get that and stop the defensive, destructive division? Is it time?

I say that it is.

The best way to do your part, is to ask, in what part of your life is your Defensive Self taking control?

Is it through clinging to guns for a sense of security? Is it depending on substances to distract you from your mental health? Is it trying to control the actions and behaviors of those around you? Is it violently lashing out when you do not get the results you desired?

When each one of us makes the commitment to heal, support, and develop ourselves, we make a commitment to create a healthy society communally. It all starts with each one of us being dedicated to our well-being and our positive contribution to life.

It all starts with you and it all starts now. Each one of us can tend to well-being with action. One great action that I encourage you to engage in is to put yourself in Gates of Power® training and coaching program which is dedicated to guiding people through their development and self-transformation.

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