• Nomi Bachar

Don't Let Insecurities Rule Your Life | 3 Golden Keys | Part 3

In part 1, the key of K – Knowledge, I covered the 3 Aspects of the Self. These are the 3 difference energies/states within our inner being. I also touched on our Human Potential Design. This includes the 3 Aspects and the 7 portals of power and expression, I call Gates. The 7 Gates of Power® are the 7 facets of life, through which our inner being expresses itself and receives energy and information.

In part two, I covered the 2nd key, the key of L – Leadership. I spoke about the importance of training our Expanded Self to be the leader of our 3 aspects and thus the leader of our lives. This is not an easy thing to do since most of us are ruled by our Defensive Self and not by our Expanded Self. This shift of leadership power is the most transformation within ourselves. It is hard to achieve without solid coaching like the one provided by Gates of Power® training.

The 3rd key, I will cover today, is the key of A – Actualization.

We all come into life with tremendous potential – skills, talents, and abilities. Our natural desire is to make our potential actual. Which means, express our abilities and passions, leverage our skills, and contribute to our community. We can think about it as being all that we can be and making a positive difference. Dedicating living to actualized potential is the most fulfilling and creative way to live.

We just don’t know how to get there. As we covered in the first key, our Defensive Self has taken over since we were very young. We live confined by its rule. A life ruled by our Defensive Self cannot be actualized, fulfilled life. We need the right tools and coaching to shift the inner leadership into the hands of our Expanded Self which is our wise, intuitive, and spiritual self. This aspect of our being can take us on the road to self-transformation, self-love, and self-actualization.

Imagine having a wonderful guide and a loving coach helping you achieve your dreams and goals every step of the way.

This is what your expanded self can do for you. When you are nurtured, loved, and supported from within, you come to a true sense of inner power and compassion. Loving others becomes so much easier.

I train people to create this kind of inner, loving leadership. Then, with the right leadership within, I give them the tools to unblock and energize all 7 areas of their life. As I said before, these areas are called, in my method, Gates. Since they are channels of expression of our inner being. The areas are, the Gates of the Body, the Gate of Emotions, Gate of Dialogue, Gates of Creative Expression, the Gates of Life Path, the Gate of Silence, Gate of Knowledge.

If you examine your life honestly, you will find that few of these areas are not functioning optimally because of defensive tensions and emotional insecurities. In Gates of Power® coaching, you learn to open up and revitalize all 7 areas of your life. You master the ability to create a sense of well-being and fulfillment in your body, emotions, relationships, creative expression, goals, your ability to have peace, and your ability you learn new things.

Taking care of yourself and learning to actually create an inner environment of love and support is what makes your love relationships better.

We all make the mistake of thinking that another person can make us feel whole when the truth is that we are whole and that we can get in touch with the truth of that, and cultivate it. Then we can give so much more to the loved ones in our life.

If you would like a more practical and in depth explanation of how to actualize the 7 areas of your life, I suggest purchasing my book, Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self.

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