• Nomi Bachar

Become The Best You - 3 Golden Keys To Unlock Your Full Potential | Part 1

Most of us want to make the best out of our lives. We are eager to use our talents, skills, and abilities and make a positive impact in our community/lives. It is frustrating to have a sense of our potential and at the same time, not know how to actualize it. What we're missing are clear and effective tools to help us move from potential to actualization. In my work, I have defined the 3 Golden Keys to help us create the best version of ourselves.

In the next 3 blogs, I will speak about each Key, starting with the first Key, the Key of K – Knowledge.

If you are truly passionate about becoming the best you, it is most important that you take time and attention to learn your Inner Map.

Within your inner being, there are 3 aspects I call these the aspects of the Self.

One is your Emotional Self; you can imagine it as a fuchsia color. This is the place in your being where all your emotions and your emotional experiences live. The second aspect is your Survival/Defensive Self; you can imagine this aspect as the color blue. This part of your inner being is guarding your physical and emotional survival. The third aspect is your Expanded Self; imagine it as the color gold. This aspect is where your wisdom, highest intuition, and spiritual understanding reside.

Ideally, all these aspects are healthy, balanced, and guided by the intuitive and spiritual wisdom of your Expanded Self. Unfortunately, this ideal situation is disrupted by the experiences of life and our perception of them. It takes devoted practice and commitment to re-establish this state of balance and peace.

Most people’s suffering, insecurities, and confusion originates from a bruised Emotional Self that is dominated by an over reactive, overprotective Defensive Self. Our Defensive Self is anxiously trying to compensate for an old hurt in the emotional aspect of us. It attempts to cover up the hurt and create a sense of safety at all costs. We try to please, appease, excel, look good, control, manipulate, ect. The defensive efforts create contraction and blockages in the body/mind/spirit map. Most people feel the comfortability and insecurity, but they don’t know how to shift this inner situation. The fact is, that we can use our Expanded Self to heal the Emotional Self and relax the Defensive Self. How to do that is not a common knowledge. This is one, very important element I teach in my Gates of Power® program.

To start re aligning your inner being, you need to understand each one of your three aspects.

For example:

1. Ponder your Emotional Self. Ask yourself, “What are the most prevalent emotions you experience on a daily basis?” Is it fear? Sadness? Anger? Joy? Exuberance? Love? Probably a mixture of a few. Are you noticing your emotions? Are you letting yourself feel them? Do you know what hurts you most?

2. Now switch your point of attention and take it to your Defensive Self.

This is a “strong suit” or a way of being that you’ve created to protect yourself from the hurts of life. What are the typical ways that you engage in to create a sense of safety and security for yourself? Do you try to be nice/pleasant? Helpful/adorable? Or do you hide, withdraw, shut down, isolate? Or maybe you blame and attack? You might be doing a little bit of each of these. It is important to understand your defensive ways since they don’t really serve you in the long run. They are inauthentic.

3. Let’s switch now and move to the 3rd aspect, your Expanded Self. This is the part of you that is open to accept and embrace people, planet, and self. It has compassion and understanding. As a result, it has within it a seed of peace and love. When do you experience yourself in that aspect? Maybe when meditating? Or comforting a loved one?

This is just a tiny taste of these 3 aspects. There is a lot more to know about them and experience.

The current condition of these aspects in yourself and the impact of the inner misalignment can be seen in all 7 facets of your life.

The facets are called Gates. For example, the Gate of the Body manifests tensions and energy blockages. The Gate of Emotions is suffering, the Gate of Dialogue (which is the Gate of relationship with self and others) is compromised, and so on for all the 4 other Gates.

In order to be and feel internally whole, secure, and effective you need to fully understand your Inner Map with all the misalignments that exist in the present moment and their impact. Knowledge is power. This Key gives you a clarity and the ability to start the inner shifts that would lead you to the best you. There are two other Keys that I will expand on in the next two blogs. So, please stay tuned.

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