• Nomi Bachar

The Secret to Real Progress in 2018

Unfortunately, accountability in intentions, actions, and words has not been cherished or celebrated in our American culture. Money, status, and political power reign. Going for looking good, having a lot of money, and false power are ways that people use to fill in the inner black hole of lack of self-esteem. In the same way black holes devour energy, the inner black hole (lack of true self appreciation) does the same. It devours your life energy. When you’re trying to fill it up with addictions, you will need more and more of the fillers and you will never truly feel fulfilled or self-assured. There are all kinds of addictions and I will name a few: money, manipulative power, fame, substances, attention, sex, and technology.

We see a clear example of this in the unraveling of the “me too” movement.

The men that are involved in the genesis of this crisis were famous, rich, and had political power, but they needed more of it all the time. Practicing the domination of women was one of their addictions. The black hole within was not filled because it does not get filled by illusionary crutches. We can only become whole when we gain true self-respect and self-acceptance. It is through dedication to a path of self-knowledge and self-transformation that we come to embrace and appreciate who we are. Out of the sense of inner generosity, we become passionate about giving and serving. True caring about our soul expands to the caring of planet and people.

Alongside the “me too” crisis, there are the buds of a shift in the culture in respect to accountability, equality, and professional/human decency.

For example, the recent debacle with the popular YouTuber, Logan Paul, degrading and disrespecting a victim of suicide in Japan at the start of the year, left many looking to YouTube to take action and hold their “golden creator” accountable for his actions. As the days slipped by without a word from YouTube, many were rightfully outraged that the company would turn a blind eye to injustice simply because this creator made them so much money. Thankfully, the company finally spoke out and canceled the creator’s YouTube Red show and removed him from Google’s preferred advertising tier.

The unrest is indicative of an intolerance of injustice.

The frustration around lack of accountability in our culture snuck its way into our political parties. Republicans who hold a variety of positions in office, are leaving their positions and in some cases the party itself. All of this, out of frustration that the Commander in Chief, Donald Trump, is not holding their ideals and values up with integrity. Time and time again we see the far right foregoing the rights of their fellow humans in an effort to gain a profit. We saw it with the right’s reaction to FCC’s ruling on Net Neutrality, or the repeal of DACA (which allows children of illegal immigrants to gain citizenship).

I invite you to look at your own life and examine your level of accountability.

First look to yourself, your well-being, your goals, needs, and desires. How loyal are you to your personal growth? Do you hold yourself accountable to the promises you make to yourself? We just started a new year, many of us have a long list of resolutions which are promises to oneself. How are you doing with that?

I also invite you to look at your accountability when it comes to your job, your friendships, relationships, communication, and your circle of influence. If you find, when being honest with yourself, that you’re out of integrity and accountability, do yourself a favor and look at the reason behind the behavior, the root cause of the symptoms.

You’re here living this life to grow and contribute. So, understanding what is holding you back is of primary importance. Then, and only then, you can take the steps to shift and re align yourself and your life with your highest potential.

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