• Nomi Bachar

6 True Stories to Brighten Your Holiday Spirit

The contradiction between Christmas, the season of love and unity and the plethora of grief and violence that has plagued 2017, is poignant and disturbing. Walking down the street, I watch the Christmas trees being sold, waiting to be placed in cheerful homes. They look lonely and sad to me. Usually, their scent and beauty ignite within me a flicker of joy and the expectation and the warmth of the promise of love and unity. This year, this promise feels empty. On the way to Christmas mass, people are buying more guns.

Many of our youth are angry, lost, and emotionally empty because we are poisoning our environment and ourselves slowly but surely. Driven by materialism and commercialism, we seem to forget to invest in our souls. More importantly, we forget to invest in our youth. They are not being provided emotional, spiritual and artistic guidance and inspiration. They are growing up in a society that respects status, money, and fame more than the Earth or basic human qualities without which there is no life. When and how are they supposed to be receive the nurturing ingredients that will help them become loving and contributing members of society?

I believe that human beings are loving in their essence. In spite of everything that is happening politically, environmentally, social, our hearts yearn to love to give and to connect because that makes us profoundly happy. It is still the one and the only thing that makes us feel like life is worth living. I would like to shout out some beautiful, loving things that people have done for others this year.

1. $2 Million for Charity

John and Hank Green, two brothers and noteworthy digital influencers, hosted their 3rd annual “Project for Awesome” fund raising livestream and amassed over $2 million for charities such as Save the Children and the Make a Wish Foundation. In an age of self-indulgent social media stars, it’s a breath of fresh air to see people using their platform and influence to make the world a better place.

2. Hero in Action

Let us not forget Jonathan Smith. The young man who, in the midst of the chaos of the Las Vegas shooting, sprang into action to save over 30 people. In an effort to protect a few exposed girls from the gunfire, he was shot in the neck and miraculously survived.

3. Planes for Pets

When Hurricane Harvey struck land with devastating destruction earlier this year, a Southwest Airlines flight took it upon themselves to rescue more than 60 local pets from the flooding.

4. Spray on Skin

Even the science community has taken to changing the world for the better by developing a functional stem-cell-spray gun that heals burn victim’s skin without scarring. It’s currently waiting on approval from the FDA, but many successful tests have already been conducted.

5. Cookies for a Stranger

After getting mistakenly placed in a group text, Mark Chalifoux didn’t disclose that they had a wrong number. Instead, he learned that this group wanted to send a care package to a soldier. Mark then took it upon himself to start a GoFundMe and ultimately sent the solider over 40 pounds of cookies.

6. A Party for the Homeless

When Sarah Cummins called off her wedding, there was no way to refund the $30,000 she’d spent on the event. Instead of cutting her losses, Sarah invited a local homeless shelter to eat, drink, and be merry.

Our lonely planet needs all of our love and devotion. We need each other. Let’s tap into the love source within and make a commitment this holiday season to be just a little more loving, kind, and creative in the way that we nurture ourselves and each other.

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