• Nomi Bachar

Stop Chasing, Start Living. Here's How.

The universe seems to be purposeful; initiating constant change, growth, and evolution. We witness its purposeful motion in nature and in our lives. The energy and consciousness within an apple seed propels and guides it to grow into a flowering plant. The same energy and consciousness propels an embryo to develop, a child to grow into an adult, and a creative project to manifest into reality. The human soul is also a seed. Its purpose is to grow into a powerful tree expressing the Creator’s consciousness. Just like one apple seed can bring forth a tree with hundreds of apples over many years, a single human soul can inspire and enlighten generations of humanity. There are many varieties of apples. In the same way, each of us is a unique soul and we fulfill our purpose in diverse and original ways. At the same time, we all share the same purpose which is to realize and actualize our true nature.

One of the most important lessons is expressing the best of us in the reality of our daily living.

It is through our humanity that we express our spiritual nature. It sounds contradictory but it is really complementary. Knowing what is your personal way of fulfilling your purpose is not an intellectual understanding; it is a heartfelt, intuitive experience, and it is coupled with a desire to share and contribute.

Each one of your talents is a contribution waiting to happen and an experience of joy.

Your life path should include all the things that are truly important and fulfilling to you. If family is important to you, then it is part of your life path. If you are passionate about creating a successful business, it is part of your life path. If you are an artist, it is in your life path. Each one of us has a few important elements that are woven together to create our life path. All elements should be honored and given energy and attention.

For example, one of the elements that I have on my life path are creative projects. I have been a performing artist for the best part of my life and even though I do not have my dance theater company anymore, I engage in creative and expressive projects within my community of artists. A second element on my life path is transformation; the transformation of myself and assisting others in transforming and actualizing themselves. A third element on my life path is cultivating deep and intimate connections with the people who I love, friends and family, and bringing them joy and providing support.

Define for yourself at least 3 elements that are essential for your fulfillment and wellbeing.

Write them down for yourself and since we are facing a new year, it might be a good idea to write what you would like to create, develop, and cultivate within each one of the elements that you chose.

With this, you then create your action plan as well as the steps you need to take make these things a reality. Holding yourself accountable to this action plan can be challenging, which is why I’ve created an action plan that I guide my clients through creating and sustaining through the year.

Of course, it is a balancing act. It takes skills and commitment to keep all elements flourishing at the same time.

Family, relationships and work/contribution are three of the main elements. The fourth element can be our spiritual and emotional growth and the fifth can be learning/discovery/travel. There are other elements. Each one of our paths is a unique combination of elements. We are the weavers of our life’s tapestry according to our needs, passions, desires, and abilities. By actively creating our life, we enrich our soul, inspire and support others, and enhance all creation.

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