• Nomi Bachar

End Your Year Right with These 4 Questions

We are almost in December. December is full of pine tree fragrance, holiday cheer, buying frenzy and party going. We drop into a childlike fun state, we let ourselves loose, and visit the wild and free us. We let go of our work responsibilities for a bit. What a relief. All that is great, we love December for that.

At the same time, December is closing a year and is inviting us to reflect on the year that passed. We pause to be grateful for some things and to acknowledge others that caused us difficulties. December is a time to get back to the drawing board and re-think our life, regroup, reorganize. Yes, I know many of us start the list of “the New Year’s resolutions”, the list that is active in January or maybe February and then it gets to join all the other lists in the pile of the dead promises to ourselves and others.

Why? How come we cannot uphold our cherished list of resolutions??? A lot can be said about that. Today I want to cut to the chase and address what I think is at the core of our sing-song of broken promises. Here it is: we do not ask the 4 Grand Questions on a constant basis. The result is, we are not in synch with who we truly are, why are we here, what’s in our way, and how do we get there?

Only if you know the answers to these questions, can you navigate your life from your inner center, your true essence.

So, what are the 4 Grand Questions?

I have formulated them and asked myself and my clients to visit them consistently, rethink/re feel them. We need to meditate on our truest and deepest heart desires and envision our plan of manifestation. When our desires are clear to us and the vision of our optimal life, vibrates in our imagination, we are moved to take organic actions. Slowly and naturally, we begin to move from dreaming to acting and from frustration to fulfillment. Since the new year is approaching, let’s begin the process now. Use Decelber to be both fun and deep.

I am going to take a minute to go over each of those 4 questions. Please bear in mind that each question calls for a deep dive. You might need to do some writing to help yourself gather your thoughts and feelings.

The first grand question is, who am I?

Who you are is not your looks, your resume, your possessions, titles, status, habits, fears, or worries. Who you are is your truest inner essence.

Here are some examples of what my clients identify as their essence:

“I feel my essence is creativity, playfulness, and love of nature.”

“I feel my essence is mothering, deep care, and a desire to help.”

“I feel my essence is spirit, apart of the universe.”

Go ahead and get a sense of what your essence is and remember that the answers are not always carved in stone. It is an open exploration and redefining process.

The second question is, why am I here?

Other forms of this question could be, what is my true purpose and mission in this life? What is my unique contribution?

Here are some examples of what clients say:

“I am here to bring beauty through art and design.”

“I am here to serve, support, and protect the children of the world.”

“I am here to protect and support nature and the environment.”

The third question is, what is in my way?

Ask yourself, what is within me that is preventing me from being who I truly am and living my purpose fully? Here are some examples: insecurities, fears, self-doubts, lack of focus, defensive habits, addictive habits, ect.

The last and maybe the most complicated question is, how do I get there?

To discover this, you might ask, what is my path, practice, method of self-evolving that can help me get there? (be who I am and live my purpose).

For example, I created Gates of Power® method and program to help people do just that.

On one hand, Gates of Power® supports people in the process of eliminating limiting emotions, beliefs, and behavior patterns. On the other hand, it supports people in building a solid practice for self-development and self-actualization. The program synergizes spiritual, creative, emotional, and practical processes. It provides people with comprehensive, tangible, and effective system to become all that they can become and achieve their deepest desires.

Use December to delve into the clarity that would guide your next year.

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