• Nomi Bachar

Not Feeling Grateful? Here's How to Turn it Around.

I love Thanksgiving for many reasons.

One, it gives me an opportunity to consciously stop and ask the question “Why am I thankful?” Two, it marks the beginning of the winter season and I can enjoy the weather without suffering too much. Three, I love the colors of Fall, and the colors of the food; the yellows and golds of squash, the deep orange of sweet potatoes, the reds of cranberries mixed with all kinds of greens. Last but not least, the company of loved ones and friends. The laughter and warmth are all things I am grateful for.

Gratitude is giving thanks for everything in our lives.

Giving thanks for the small things can lead to bigger things. When we give thanks; we open ourselves up to the gifts of the universe. The universe responds and gives us more. It is similar to when you smile at a stranger and they smile back. The positive vibes not only affect you but affect others as well. This Thanksgiving, give thanks for the things you have, the things you don’t have, and for the things yet to come

A good friend of mine lost her daughter this Friday, a year ago, to an illness. Losing your child is the most devastating loss. How does a parent learn to accept that kind of a loss? How do they continue living with a gaping hole in their life and their soul? There is no easy answer to this question.

We all experience losses continuously, small losses and tragic ones...

...loss of a job, loss of a loved one, loss of health, loss of a tooth, loss of youth, loss of a home, and loss of a cherished dream.

We are witnessing whole countries being destroyed by wars. Millions are losing their homes, their loved ones, and their livelihoods from natural disasters. Children in the thousands are starving to death in Yemen, caught in the political power struggle while thousands of others flee brutality and inhumane conditions. Tragic losses and violence lace our lives.

Can we learn to feel grateful in spite of continual losses?

Can we learn to accept what life takes away as well as what it blesses us with? Can we grow through both experiences? We can, and we have too. Everything we are faced with can inspire us to attain a deeper understanding and a sweeter appreciation of life, its’ preciousness and its magic.

I invite you to try this

  1. Meditate on and write down three painful losses

  2. Write three gifts life has brought your way this year.

  3. Now go back to the 3 losses and pinpoint what are the lessons, insights, strength that you can gather from these experiences?

  4. Now look at the gifts, how can you become aware of their presence in your life?

Can you find a reason to be grateful for the losses and the blessings? An attitude of gratefulness helps you move through life with a sense of victory rather than a sense of victimhood.

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