• Nomi Bachar

A Troubled World – You Can Make a Difference

Our planet, with us and all its creatures, is being destroyed by greed. Our personal and social freedoms are sabotaged. Political strife, compounded by the overwhelming outpour of media and internet, is distorting our basic social structures.

It seems as though the onslaught of problems are becoming a daily routine rather than a rare and shocking phenomenon.

Some of the recent examples are the Las Vegas shooting, the truck that struck pedestrians on the streets of New York City, the Southerland Springs church shooting, the talks of war with North Korea, the countless sexual harassment charges that have recently come to light, the flood in Vietnam, and now the sexualization of minors in the spot light as we are seeing with the children from “Stranger Things”.

Most of us struggle to survive economically, emotionally, and spiritually. The picture of our reality is daunting.

I am so grateful for all the millions of us who are dedicated to doing good in the world who don’t get featured on the daily news cycle. Come and visit me at the Awaken Fair, a place of healing and transformation.

In the privacy of our souls, we must cling to our right and obligation to make choices that are constructive and loving.

It is time for each one of us to take a stand for our life and the lives of future generations. There is no other path. We are called to act, feel, and speak on behalf of life and cooperation among people. Each one of us needs to evaluate our inner motives, values, and habits and choose transformation. Choose to become our best selves. Choose to do the work that it takes to get there.

It takes the strength of character, a solid moral and emotional compass, a passion for life, as well as a love for self and others to not fall into the pit of bitterness, anger, blame, resentment, or resignation. Many of us buckle underneath what looks like senseless cruelty, extremism, and brutality that laces our lives and filters into our homes, minds, and souls.

How do we stay positive, loving, and committed to doing good?

It is a continuous challenge and a daily commitment. Daily we must choose and act on the side of forgiveness, compassion, and positive forward moving action. Watching the news, there are many parts of the world that are being devastated by political/social forces, natural disasters, disease, and economic strife.

Are we able to settle our minds and souls in the realm of justice, unity, and love? Not an easy choice.

Here is a quote from “The Path of Kabbalah” by Rav Michael Laitman Ph.D.

“All the worlds (this world included) are states that reside within us. We will find them nowhere outside us. In other words, it is not who we are inside the worlds, but the worlds that are inside us. Outside us there is only the Creator, the Upper Light.”

Imagine living life with the heartfelt knowledge that within you, in your core, you are made of the same light, wisdom, and love that is the Creator. It is easy for us to identify with our emotions and defensive reactions, but these are not who we truly are. We have emotions, we have defensive reactions, but we are wisdom, compassion, and joy. We can teach ourselves to identify with our expanded view. When we do, it is much easier to move forward with right action.

I remember the moment that I awakened to this truth.

The amazing peace and trust that filled me up, life’s choices and chores became so much lighter. Look within to see how you can give yourself the guidance and tools you need to realize the true you. It is all an inside job.

Reach out and get the help that you need. I urge you to take advantage of my free 30-minute consultation to start the process.

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