• Nomi Bachar

Halloween, Embrace Your Hidden Self

One of my deepest desires is experiencing life totally and unconditionally. I've been soul-searching for the secret of life ever since I was a young adult. My travels through the shadows and lights of living gave me the guidelines for living fully. Here are some:

  1. Refrain from judging as much as possible. Judging keeps your heart closed.

  2. Stay authentic and vulnerable.

  3. Accept all your feelings.

  4. Speak your truth.

  5. Embrace all parts of yourself: the clumsy, quirky, crazy, passionate, driven, and peaceful, etc.

  6. Experience all parts of yourself.

This last one ushered me to audition for the Academy of the Performing Arts in Israel. Being an actor meant being a queen in one production, an orphan beggar in the next, a murderer in the third, and so on. Since being a character means finding it within you, I loved claiming all these parts of myself and embracing them. It took me awhile to discover that I am everything and everybody. We all experience murderous rage, intense loving devotion, tension, peace, hate, passion. The trick is to allow these energies to flow through us, to acknowledge them and listen to the needs hidden within their folds. We don't have to act out in response to all our emotions, but experiencing them fully allows us to open up to life.

I love Halloween. For a day, you have permission to be anything you are; a moment to taste the horrifying and magical, beauty and beast; a time to embrace the mystery of being alive.

The origins of Halloween go all the way back to the Celtic festival of Samhain. The festival consisted of dressing up in order to ward off evil spirits. As time progress and humanity evolved, it has become something entirely different. What was once a festival birthed from fear of the unknown, has become a celebration of our fears, an acceptance of the complexities of our inner selves, and the remembrance of the dead.

Many of us are afraid to acknowledge what lies within us; Halloween gives us an opportunity to explore and embrace it all. Whether that means learning to love a part of yourself that has long been stifled from years of limiting conditioning or learning to face and come to terms with fears that hold you back from fully living your life, we all have an immense room to use this holiday as an opportunity for growth and self-love.

We don't need Halloween's permission to accept every aspect of us. We're a sum of our parts; we can't be whole without embracing every little bit of us. With that, I ask you, what parts of yourself are you avoiding?

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