• Nomi Bachar

The Destructive Side of Anger

This was written in October of 2017 regarding the Las Vegas shooting.

I grew up in Israel. War, violence, and tragedy were constant companions in my life. My dad was a wounded veteran and lived with severe depression and dark rage attacks. He is not here any longer, but I would like to acknowledge him for being able to transform his suffering and tap into the light within his spirit.

It took years of self-transformation work for me to release the inner pool of fear, anger, and sadness. We all struggle with these intense feelings, but we have choice. We can either blame and pour our rage destructively on others or work internally to transform these feelings and create wisdom, compassion, and inner power.

The horrifying and shocking violence in Las Vegas is another disturbing incident in a string of violent and frightening tragedies.

It casts a light on the many in our society that are angry and emotionally lost. Anger turned into destructive violence is slowly but surely poisoning our culture and ourselves. Violence such as this often comes from a place of rage and hopelessness. It’s frightening to see that it is happening more and more frequently. What is our society learning from these tragedies? Acting out of anger only temporarily solves the issue. Anger is a natural feeling, what matters is what we do with it. How do we react and what do we create?

It takes the strength of character, a solid moral and emotional compass, and a love for self and others to not fall into the pit of bitterness, anger, resentment, or resignation. Many of us buckle underneath what looks like senseless cruelty, extremism, and brutality that laces our lives and filters into our homes, minds, and souls. We lash out in regressive ways due to failure to regulate our emotions.

How do we stay positive, loving, and committed to doing good?

It is a moment-to-moment struggle, a continuous commitment to choose to live on the side of peace and compassion and act from there. How can we settle society's minds and souls in the realm of peace? I don’t know an easy answer, and it is not an easy task.

We need to look in the mirror long and hard. Crises are a call for change, and this one is a very thunderous scream. Make it your business to become part of the necessary and inevitable shift. Use your love and your passion to manifest compassion for yourself and humanity. We are invited to give birth to an expanded consciousness within ourselves—experiencing one’s self as one with all people and all creation.

Creating a positive state of being is the most important step in the process of manifestation.

Everything in the universe is actually energy (vibrations). The universe expresses itself by pulsating energetically. We are part of, and one, with this ocean of vibrations. We can change the frequency of our energetic combination by changing our feelings and thoughts.

We are endowed with free will and have the ability to shift our perspective. In this way, we co-create with the Universal Mind. This ability to master our energetic field is a gift deserving our responsibility and attention. If your state of being is disruptive to yourself and others, it is your responsibility to learn how to shift it.

Stephen Paddock’s violent reaction could have been prevented if he was in the habit of examining his inner reactions.

If we live with unexamined inner violence, it seeks out targets, potential enemies, and volatile situations. We attract these circumstances to ourselves. Our reality is formed by our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. When we live with judgment, anger, and fear we see the world through those glasses; it becomes our reality.

We all have a choice and there are options and ways to transform. Are you taking the steps towards peace within yourself?

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