• Nomi Bachar

Want to find your life's purpose? Ask these questions EVERY DAY!

Find Life's Purpose

Yesterday, I watched a documentary about fake pharma, the trafficking of fake medicine. It is becoming more and more popular, overshadowing the already prominent, illegal drug trafficking. Between these two death promoters, the fake pharma is even more dangerous since it is used by innocent, poor people and children who are not aware of the content of the “medicines” they are using.

In Africa alone, the fake pharma is responsible for the death of thousands. Many of them babies and young children. The factories are in China. The traffickers are moving tons of this fake medicine to Africa, selling them in the public markets. The illegal drugs and the fake pharma drugs are spreading their death fingers all over the planet. Their routes spread like black spider webs, choking and killing millions…all of that for money.

Greed for money is a futile attempt to “feel good”

The real drug here is money. Money (just like sugar, sex, alcohol, clothes, things, etc.), is a Band-Aid for a sense of not “being enough”, not “feeling enough”. In other words, it is an unsuccessful way to fill up a hole in the soul. What is that hole? It is an inner disconnect from self-love and self-respect. We’re not looking inside to feel and realize our source-like self, our true essence which is love. We’re trying to make ourselves feel better with external means and this is our addiction.

Many times, our addiction looks good to the naked eye, for example, “I am working hard for success” or “I am helping others to feel like I am a good person.” Yes, these might look good, but if you look deeper, you realize that it is not so much what we do, but why we’re doing it and how we’re doing it. What is the true inner motive? If it is to get us feeling better about ourselves, we’re barking up the wrong tree. All we really have to do is learn to look inside and see our heart. At the center of the heart, there is love and a yearning to give and receive it.

What is your life’s purpose?

When I speak to people about their purpose, I hear some version of this answer a lot, “To make a positive impact on others, to create inspiring, beautiful things, to contribute to others, and make a difference.” It is when this purpose is thwarted by addiction and greed, that we destroy our very essence and our most passionate need. If somebody asked me what my purpose is, I would say, “to experience and express God’s love and wisdom that sits within me.”

Yes, it might take half a life to get there, but the journey is worth it.

Ask yourself these questions every day to re-align yourself with your truth:

  1. Why are you here???

  2. Are you growing into your purpose?

  3. Are you connecting with your true essence?

  4. Are you learning to express it, inspire, and uplift yourself and others?

  5. What is distracting you from doing that?

  6. What is in the way?

It took me many years to put together a system that helps people do just that. I invite you to participate.

You can jumpstart that path by doing my Gates of Power® Level 1 Workshop or you can ease yourself in in with a free 15-minute conversation with me, followed by 3 introductory sessions.

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