• Nomi Bachar

Letting Go & Letting Grief

Letting Go & Letting Grief

Yesterday I had sessions with two different clients and both expressed deep grief. Their grief was exposed when they let go of addictive clinging to external, “feel good” crutches. One of them was coming to terms with the fact that her partner is not able or available to be in a healthy, committed relationship. She spent years resisting the acknowledgment of the situation, holding on to the illusion of “they lived happily ever after”. Underneath the denial was the pain and loneliness of her inner little girl who was hoping to receive, from a man, the feeling of being loved. My other client was tapping into her grief of feeling unworthy after letting go of a series of addictive efforts to appease the inner pain. In both cases, when they began to let go of the addictive cover up, the inner pain surfaced. I told them both that despite the comfortability of the experience, hitting the grief place in a very positive step. It means that the psyche is ready to deal with the old pain and resolve it. If we can tolerate the vulnerability of our pain and put in consistently the remedy of our own loving, compassionate inner parenting, we can heal. I’ve seen it happen within myself and in all my clients who we re ready and willing to feel that core suffering and take responsibility for healing and re-parenting themselves. What I am talking about is not an easy thing to do. We need courage, right guidance, and commitment to move through the suffering and come out on the other side. My question to you is: Are we not here to learn to love and heal ourselves, others, and the planet? I think we are. If you think so as well, I hope you’re getting the guidance and mastering the commitment and courage to do so. If you want to be guided through your process of self-healing and self-actualization, I highly suggest taking advantage of the extremely effective, practical and inspirational Gates of Power® method I have created. Call for a free consultation and/or book my introductory package of 3, 1-hour sessions at a discounted rate.

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